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PACAK2017 teaser by SpaceTaco101 PACAK2017 teaser :iconspacetaco101:SpaceTaco101 5 4 Your daily dose of dumbassery by SpaceTaco101 Your daily dose of dumbassery :iconspacetaco101:SpaceTaco101 5 5 Pivot art - Battle of the unbeatables by SpaceTaco101 Pivot art - Battle of the unbeatables :iconspacetaco101:SpaceTaco101 5 8 ST101 Dance by SpaceTaco101 ST101 Dance :iconspacetaco101:SpaceTaco101 12 8 Fluffy Wrecksy Concept by SpaceTaco101 Fluffy Wrecksy Concept :iconspacetaco101:SpaceTaco101 19 15 To fluff or not to fluff by SpaceTaco101 To fluff or not to fluff :iconspacetaco101:SpaceTaco101 12 6 He's still going.. by SpaceTaco101 He's still going.. :iconspacetaco101:SpaceTaco101 6 6 Choices choices.. by SpaceTaco101 Choices choices.. :iconspacetaco101:SpaceTaco101 8 14 *I still have no name for him* by SpaceTaco101 *I still have no name for him* :iconspacetaco101:SpaceTaco101 6 11 So this just happened by SpaceTaco101 So this just happened :iconspacetaco101:SpaceTaco101 6 3 Tiffany by SpaceTaco101 Tiffany :iconspacetaco101:SpaceTaco101 11 16 Eye of the beast by SpaceTaco101 Eye of the beast :iconspacetaco101:SpaceTaco101 9 16 D E A T H by SpaceTaco101 D E A T H :iconspacetaco101:SpaceTaco101 7 15 Shin n' Goji - The current state of the fanbase by SpaceTaco101 Shin n' Goji - The current state of the fanbase :iconspacetaco101:SpaceTaco101 22 37 How I spend my valentines by SpaceTaco101 How I spend my valentines :iconspacetaco101:SpaceTaco101 6 7 Sheen gojula vs jugular 2014 by SpaceTaco101 Sheen gojula vs jugular 2014 :iconspacetaco101:SpaceTaco101 8 29


Well then, my pc won't turn on, I still have to finish PACAK2017, and school is right around the corner.
PACAK2017 teaser
oh yeah boy here we go, got my animation juices flowing,I scrapped my original entry ( it failed ;-; ), and everything is going nicely.

I think...

oh yeah :iconalp-k: prepare ur anus
Your daily dose of dumbassery
I'm actually speechless, how can anyone be this idiotic? (not counting evil trash bandicoot)
Pivot art - Battle of the unbeatables
Rampy: They all said I'd best give it up
What a fool, to believe their lie-ie-ies!
Now they've fallen, I'm at the top
Are you ready now to die-ie-ie?

Wrecksy: I came up from the bottom
And into the top
For the first time I feel alive
I can fly like an eagle
And strike like a hawk
Do you think you can survi-i-ive the top?

Rampy (stygimoloch) Belongs to Matromx

Wrecksy (Deinorexus) Belongs to yours truly

Lyrics: Initial D - the top…
1 - Introduction

Okay so I'm pretty sure some of you have met these idiots right?

Crapzilla by SpaceTaco101
and most of them are cancerous as sin.
and there's plenty more where that came from but I want to spare my sanity
somebody has to expose these guys and that guy is me.

2 - Manchilds 

now listen here and tell me that these are not cancerous.

they make hate art of anything they hate and anyone who doesn't agree with them.. you still there? you're still kicking? well brace yourself for the worst.

all of the channels like these have the same opinion, the same artstyle, and the same recycled insults. "what do you mean by recycled?" you ask? all of them have the same insults that they don't even feel like insults. all they say is "weeabo","Otaku","zoophile", and- *snore* sorry I couldn't keep up of the stupidity of these terrible people or should I say terrible channels run by the same person. because I've dealt with them and they all say the same damn thing, the same everything.

3 - all channels by one person

as I said in number 2 that they have the same everything, and the guy who runs all of these channels must be one of those things but I don't know what because I don't want to get cancer. it gets suspicious because whenever I come up with something to reply to them in a video the person that I'm talking to doesn't reply but another one like him, hmmm that seems weird oh yeah because the person just disconnected from the account he's currently in and then signed into one of his accounts and then replies to me.

that further proves that all of those channels are made by one guy.

4 - I expose a few more tidbits.

if they're really trolling, then they'd just add a comment and done.

but no, they just continue being retards.
but how do you get rid of this idiot and his channels? you can't. you cannot kill a channel but what you can do is to put him and his other channels into non-existance by just ignoring them so he'd become obselete or the fire he's bringing will eventually die down. but only time will tell

but youtube needs to fix this problem to #makeyoutubegreatagain


SpaceTaco101's Profile Picture
Kyle Riley I Sagum
I am the Captain of The SpaceTaco101 Empire


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MalaysianIrex Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2017   Digital Artist
Arkosaurus for Godzilla GoW?
Yee or nah
12monkehs Featured By Owner May 22, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist Artist
dj-spinosaurus Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017
How do u feel about this

trextristan01 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2016  Student Filmographer
hey I'm finally happy with Shin Gojira being released and stuff but I've been thinking about this lately *and I am not forcing you to do this but bear with me* ever since I looked at your LegendaryGoji stk I was so Hyped for it. But then when ShinGoji was released and I looked back at the LegendaryGoji and then I thought of this... "What If I finished off Legendary for you?" so I've been thinking about wanting to finish your LegendaryGoji for you and Giving it more Detail and then releasing it then and there. So if you get this then pls let me help you out with Legendary for once so that people don't spam comments about it. so if you think about it and want to send it to me then i'll be grateful to finish Legendary off and releasing it. and if you dont feel like it then thats fine with me. 
SpaceTaco101 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2016
I appreciate the help, I'll send you in a note when I have time. I have a fight to animate.
trextristan01 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2016  Student Filmographer
alright sounds great
TeamDinosauria21 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2016  Student Digital Artist
You better be giving us Shin Godzilla soon or im disowning you and taking ownership of the Arkosaurus
SpaceTaco101 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2016
Christ man, I'm having real life problems right now. exams are almost here, I have to finish 2 projects (which are sewing and editing a video),I have little to no equipment to work with, our internet is being an ass and because of that I can't do much since it's limited now and that means I can't watch videos, I have to record a group project,I still haven't retrieved the files from my dead laptop, this keyboard is half-broken thanks to an ant infestation (isn't really a problem, the real problem is the lack of money for a new keyboard), and my animations have to be postponed because of said lack of equipment.

I'll release it whenever I can, or until things get sorted out
so please bear with me.
crocodile-wolf-9000 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hey dude take your time on the stk dont let other people rush you you have all the time in the world to work on it and take an break dont let others rush you that much alright
TeamDinosauria21 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Alright. I'm sorry bud. I just got too hyped
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